Dezember 2016

Iridium announces changes for following prepaid vouchers effective on 15.02.2017:
Africa, Middle East (MENA): no longer offers outbound service when outside of the defined MENA region.
that means: calls only from inside MENA region allowed.
This modification doesn't affect existing customers of this voucher or any vouchers activated before 14.02.2017.
Southern Cross will no longer be offered, effective on 15.02.2017.
This modification doesn't affect existing customers of this voucher or any vouchers activated before 14.02.2017.

November 2016

Globalstar have announced an increase on their postpay monthly airtime changes, effective 26th December 2016.  This applies to both new and existing customers. At the end of November we will change the documents in our Shop for the Globalstar postaoid SIM and the contract itself.

September 2016

From now on we offer the possibility to recharge either your Iridium or IsatPhone Prepaid SIM automatically if either the expiry date is reached or the balance is dropping under an user defined level. You decide which kind of voucher will be recharged if one of the two conditions will be reached and you also define for what period this function is active. You find this function on our customer support site in the menu automatic recharge.

April 2016

BGAN & IsatPhone Prepaid Vouchers Updates, Inmarsat is changing the rules for BGAN and IsatPhone vouchers. We can reserve voucher until the end of Mai at the old conditions, these must be redeemed at least until end of 2016. Inform us until 29th May if you plan to recharge your SIM card in 2016, the we will reserve a voucher for you at the old conditions.

0 units / 30 days: new voucher, as of 1st May, extends the validity of your SIM Card
25 units: discontinued
50 units: 90 days, instead of 730 days validity of the SIM card
100 units: discontinued
250 units: discontinued
500 units: 180 days, instead of 730 days validity of the SIM card
1000 units: 365 days, instead of 730 days validity of the SIM card
2500 units: 365 days, instead of 730 days validity of the SIM card
5000 units: 365 days, instead of 730 days validity of the SIM card

Vouchers that will be dicontinued and you have already bought must be recharged by the end of May 2016 otherwise they will be lost.

0 units / 30 days: new voucher, as of 1st May, extends the validity of your SIM Card
25 units: discontinued
50 units: 30 days, instead of 90 days validity of the SIM card
100 units: 90 days, instead of 180 days validity of the SIM card
250 units: 180 days
500 units: 365 days
1000 units: 365 days
2500 units: 365 days
5000 units: 365 days

Vouchers that will be dicontinued and you have already bought must be recharged by the end of May 2016 otherwise they will be lost. We are able to reserve vouchers with the old conditions some month, as long as these are available we offer these voucher in that way in our internet shop.

December 2015

As of January 1st 2016, we will change the way in which we bills Iridium services. In particular, we will not any longer bill Iridium services on a calendar month basis, but the billing period will be the 21st of each month to the 20th of next month. The purpose of this change is to align our billing cycle to Iridium?s billing cycle which runs from the 21st of the month to the 20th of the following month. A last calendar month invoice will be issued at beginning of January 2016 for December 2015. A transitional invoice will be issued on about January 25th, 2016 for the period of 1st January 2016 to 20th January 2016. The monthly fee and the in bundle volume of voice minutes, data minutes and SMS will be applied pro rated. Your next invoice will be issued on about February 25th, 2016 for the period of 21st January 2016 to 20th February 2016. This will be the first full month invoice issued under the new billing cycle.

For a contract terminations customers must still inform us on a 30 day notice and the last billing period is always billed in full, thus in future a contract always stops at the 20th of a month. The exact date of deactivation does not affect the period, which will be billed.
Example: If you inform us on February 10th, 2016 to stop the contract and to deactivate the SIM immedialtelly, it will be billed until March, 20th, 2016.


October 2014

Inmarsat announced a price increase for the services BGAN and FBB effective from January 1st 2015.

BGAN: Increase of the monthly subsription for the smallest postpaid plan (about 25% compared to current level). The allowance within the plan will be doubled to give an overall greater value for those making use of the extra allowance.

FBB: The monthly subscription for the standard plan will increase (more than double). The allowance within the subscription will increase from 10MB to 20MB per month. The standard IP rate for data will increase by around 20%.


June 2014

As part of standard satellite network operations and maintenance Iridium periodically resets the Iridium L-Band count. The function of this change is referred to as a “re-epoching”, and consists of a one-time adjustment in Iridium time (corresponding to the difference between the old and new epochs), followed by the normal steady incrementing on each 90-millisecond frame. This function may occur frequently and is a standard procedure for Iridium satellite management. The last time this occurred was 4th quarter of 2007 when the Iridium Time epoch date was changed to March 8, 2007, 03:50:21.00 GMT. Iridium plans to reset the count again on June 17, 2014.
The UTC date when Iridium Time Re-Epoch activities will begin (changing the L-Band downlink broadcast from ERA1 to ERA2) is June 17, 2014 at 14:00:00
The UTC date and time epoch of the new Iridium Time era (era2) will be May 11, 2014, at 14:23:55. 
For Iridium Satellite Phone users, this epoch change on June 17, 2014 will have no impact to service availability and the ability to successfully complete phone calls, SMS messages, or data services. However, the appearance of the time and date will revert back to April 14, 2007, 3:26 (EDT) and will progress on this baseline until phone settings are adjusted to the new Iridium epoch time. To address this, Iridium satellite phone time settings can be modified any time after June 17, 2014 in order to display the correct date and time.
Iridium 9555 and Iridium Extreme® customers can restore the correct time settings by following these steps: 
1. Dial *#99#2014051114235500#
2. Press the green key
3. Turn off/on their phone
Customers using Iridium 9500, 9505 and 9505A satellite phones will need updated the time and date from their phone menu. The extended phone set-up menu must be set to “On” (see page 137 of Iridium 9505A user guide, page 149 of the Iridium 9500 user guide, or page 139 of the Iridium 9505 user guide), then follow these instructions to set time and date:
These instructions will be sent to all Iridium handheld subscribers between June 6th and June 17th via a one-time SMS message to their phone. Additionally an advisory will be placed on and Iridium for Partners during the month of June. New satellite phone inventory shipped from Iridium after June 20th will have the new epoch settings pre-programmed. 

Please notice:
Activation of Iridium SIM cards as well as recharge those cards is impossible between 6th and 8th of June 2014. Iridium is performing a major update of their provisioning and billing system. Please take care to antedate planned activations and have a look at your current balance. There will be no exceptions also not in case of emergency!


May 2014

Simply purchase and activate a Globalstar GSP1700 handset between now and Sept 26th 2014 and receive up to €500 EUR cashback.

Cashback amount is dependent on the airtime plan chosen, and will only apply to handsets activated on postpay contracts:


Voice & Data 100 OR Data 250, Cashback: 60 €

Voice & Data 250 OR Data 500, Cashback: 100 €

Voice & Data 500 OR Data 1,000, Cashback: 200 €

Voice & Data 1,000 OR Data 2,000, Cashback 300 €

Voice & Data 2,000; Cashback 500 €

Rebate form is available on


March 2014

Since March 17. 2014 the validity of Globalstar prepaid vouchers has been expanded to Brazil. Brazil now belongs to the so-called Extended Europe Home Zone and there has the same low-cost rates as here in Europe. The dataservice (for e.g. email, internet) with datarate of 9,6 kbit/sec is enabled for Prepaid plans.


February 2014

At February 24th 2014 Globalstar Europe extended the Home zone to the entire North America for their pre-paid service.

extended service area for Globalstar Europe customers

October 2013

As from now we enhanced our automatically service, which is already available for Iridium Prepaid SIM cards, to remind you via email even then if your BGAN or IsatPhone Pro Prepaid SIM card will expire within 10 or 3 days.


August 2013

All new Globalstar Satellites are now in Services and Globalstar is now able to offer the services 24 hours /day. Calling rates of only 60 cent /minute offer a less expensive opportunity in satellite communication at a very good voice quality. Globastar Devices are expecially a good choice for the areas Europe, nothern Africa, USA and Canada. This area is defined as Globalstar Homezine and no Roaming fees are applied. Benefit from our experience and utilise our consultation service.


June 2013

Iridium announced two new kind of prepaid tariff plans. One is usable all over the world and gives 300 Minutes for 12 months. The other one is especially for the region South-America, Carribbean and Mexiko and gives 200 Minutes for 6 months.

You can find the exactly specification here:

and here:


February 2013

We have once again increased the functionality of our ticket system:

As from now you can see the validity of your Iridium Prepaid SIM card as well as the current balance (in minutes) whilst requesting a CDR at our platform. The corresponding data will updated every 12 hours. Furthermore we started an automatically service to remind you via email even then if your SIM card will expire within 10 or 3 days or if your balance is less than 15 minutes or if you didn't have any balance at your SIM card yet.


Iridium has implemented a new minutes expiry policy. It will be fully effective as from December 17th 2013. Minutes will no longer roll over indefinitely and will expire according to the below rules:

Prepaid Expiry Policy:
Effective December 17, 2013, prepaid units that have been carried over for more than three years will be expired on a daily basis from prepaid account balances.


December 2012

Inmarsat SIM cards for IsatPhone Pro

Although Inmarsat changes the rules for validity of prepaid vouchers for the IsatPhone Pro starting from 1st June 2012 (News from April 2012) do we have a limited amount of SIM cards with validity till end of December 2014 in stock.

Spot Messenger

There is a special promotion for Spot Messenger: If you purchase a device between 3rd and 31st of December 2012 you will get the tracking function for free (worth of 39€). Send your proof of purchase as well as the serial number of the device (ESN) at


November 2012

A mandatory firmware upgrade is now available for IsatPhone Pro. All phones must have the new firmware installed by 30 June 2013 after which date, the user could experience problems connecting to the Inmarsat network. The new upgrade will allow for more efficient utilisation of network resource, as well as make IsatPhone Pro the only satellite phone on the market to offer full twitter integration.


October 2012

We have once again increased the functionality of our ticket system at From now onwards you have the opportunity to create CDR for prepaid SIM cards for Iridium and BGAN as well as export of this data in CSV format additional to the excisting features like activation and recharge of SIM cards, request for support, comprehensive FAQ system and the possibilty to create call data records (CDR) for your postpaid SIM cards. After registration / login at our ticket system you select CDR or contracts / CDR from the menu at the left side.


September 2012

As of now we can give you local support also in Dresden. Our office at the mall PohlandPassage will be managed by our employee Uwe Jehmlich and is open from monday to friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

branch office Dresden
m-cramer Satellitenservices
Pohland Passage
Schandauer Straße 34
D-01309 Dresden

Tel: +49-(0)351-3177 8003
Fax: +49-(0)351-3177 8005
Mobile: +49-(0)177-245 1318


April 2012

Starting on 1st June 2012 the reload of prepaid units do not extend the validity of IsatPhone pro SIM cards to two years anymore. In future the validity of the SIM cards extends as follows:

  • 25 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 30 days
  • 50 units -->extend the validity of the SIM card 90 days
  • 100 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 180 days
  • 250 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 180 days
  • 500 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 1 year
  • 1000 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 1 year
  • 2500 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 1 year
  • 5000 units --> extend the validity of the SIM card 1 year

The prices for the IsatPhone pro will also coming up. As soon as we sold the phones we have in stock we have to increase the prices too. Some Resellers already changed the prices for the Phones.


November 2011

No new ECO SIM Cards will be issued by Thuraya. Remaining ECO SIM Cards can be activated until 31st of January 2012. Customer that want to activate an already bought ECO SIM later than 01.02.2012 must pay the pricedifference between ECO SIM and Prepay NOVA SIM, then Thuraya will convert the SIMs to Prepay NOVA SIM.  Remaining ECO customers which are still active on 31st January 2013 will be migrated by Thuraya to Prepay NOVA price plan on that day.


Februar/März 2011

As part of Thuraya’s continued efforts to improve the quality of services and to maintain the system availability, we will be gradually introducing the new generation gateway hardware at the Primary Gateway Station for Thuraya-2 satellite coverage. The rollout plan is divided in five stages to minimize the disruption to ongoing services.

The execution of each stage will be on the Tuesday of every week starting Tuesday February, 15th 2011 till March 15th 2011.

Impact: During each stage, the services in the affected beams may be degraded for about one hour during low traffic time starting at 20:00 GMT.

Affected Areas: the below map shows the areas that may be affected during each week.

Thuraya regrets any inconvenience that might be caused as a result of this network development project.

For any clarification, please contact Thuraya Customer Care


August 2010

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro is available. As a promotion we give you 100 units for free for each Prepaid SIM activation in 2010.

Juli 2010

New Thuraya ECO plan. From now on the ECO SIM has a validity period of one year and will be extend automatically at the end of the validity period one year by deducting 15 units from your SIM account.


October 2009

Special promotion for the SPOT-Messenger: Once the prices were cuted and on the other hand you can get a bonus of 60 €.

15th of September 2009

Iridium has a new Prepaid Voucher. This one has a validity period of 12 months and 500 minutes for outgoing calls out of the region Africa and Middle East. Contrary to the well-known Africa Voucher a SIM card, activated in this tariff plan is also world-wide usable.

Juli 2009:

Thuraya decided the increase of its Eco SIM tariffs. Thus the connecting prices rise as follows in the next months:

  • 1st of july 2009:
    Thuraya to Thuraya: 0,35 units per minute
    Thuraya to fixed or mobile network: 0,69 units per minute
  • 1st of august 2009
    Thuraya to Thuraya: 0,40 units per minute
    Thuraya to fixed or mobile network: 0,75 units per minute
  • 1st of september 2009
    Thuraya to Thuraya: 0,45 units per minute
    Thuraya to fixed or mobile network: 0,75 units per minute
  • 1st of october 2009
    Thuraya to Thuraya: 0,50 units per minute
    Thuraya to fixed or mobile network: 0,75 units per minute

17th of may 2009:

Note: Thuraya has decided to change its tariff structures absolutely at short notice. This concerns all Classic SIM cards and Super SIM cards already sold. The minute price in fixed networks and mobile communications networks amounts to now 1.49 units. The fee for the one year's extension costs 39 units. All cards, which were already activated, were changed by Thuraya simply to the tariff of the new Thuraya Prepaid SIM card. The account clock was changed from 30/6 seconds to 60 seconds. All Classic SIM cards and Super SIM cards, which are not activated yet, will automatically activated as Thuraya Prepaid card at the moment of activation.

January 2009:

m-cramer Satellitenservices is now official registered reseller from Thrane & Thrane products. Beside the BGAN terminals from Thrane & Thrane I can also offer you the wide range of BGAN terminals from other manufacturers.

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